Monday, September 04, 2006

Giving it another shot.

I've got tons of butterflies about taking Izzy back to preschool tomorrow. I'm concerned that they've only given me bad reports about him, that they didn't give him a star for good behavior on his second day, that he screams and cries going in, that he sleeps so poorly the night before. Actually, that's just the tip of the iceberg of my worries, but you get the general idea.

Is he wild? YES. Is he a handful? YES. Is he a bad boy? NO NO NO!

Granted, tomorrow will just be his third day, but I just have this terrible feeling that they're not giving him a chance. If they could give him a little one-on-one time, I know that would help. But I can't help but think that due to his size, they subconsciously think he should be acting like a five or six year old. Not to mention that he'll attract attention way above the other kids because he's, well, way above the other kids.

I don't want to be the trouble mom already. But this is my job, looking out for my little man.

So last week his teacher told me that he hit a little girl with a book. But then he told my sister AND then later my sister-in-law that a little girl hit him in the head with a book and he, "cried and cried and cried." Micki then asked him, "Then did you get mad at throw the book at her?," and he said he did. I really don't think he's lying - he's too young to lie yet. If he doesn't tell the truth, that stems from so desperately wanting not to have done what's he's done, which could actually be the case here, so I guess I'll just forget about it.

But I'm going to ask the teacher tomorrow morning to be sure to notice some positive things about Izzy as well, because the last two days, he apparently spent two and half hours in school getting in trouble, then came home and got in trouble. That's no way for a three-year old to live, and that's no way to start his scholastic career. At least if I have something positive to praise him on, I won't just be focusing on his bad behavior, because he's supposed to be having fun! I'm paying these people a LOT of money to give me son a good time. Not to keep in him in the time-out chair. Besides, even at his worst here, he's NEVER been bad for two and half hours straight!

Ugh. This sucks. I truly didn't expect to be this torn up about school for another few years. Oh, and tomorrow I'm going in halfway through class to spy on Izzy from the hallway. There's a window in the door. I swear I almost hope to see him acting like a complete maniac so that I won't have to have an uncomfortable discussion with his teachers. But not really. Truly, I just want to figure this out quickly and decide whether this school is working, whether I need to quickly find him a new one, or whether he's just not ready for school yet.

Wish us both lots of luck tomorrow.

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