Thursday, September 14, 2006

Guess who got a star today???

When Izzy got up this morning, we kept going over the rules: stay in your seat, listen to the teachers, and DO NOT touch anyone. As I'm putting on his shoes, he says, "I'm so happy to go to preschool!" When we get there, and I'm going over the rules yet again, he tells me, "I like preschool!" I tell him I like school too, so he asks if I go to school. No, I tell him, so he tells me that I need to go to Mommy school. Probably so!

We walk in and when he sees the teacher he very excitedly says to her, "Good morning, Mrs. XXXXX*!!" My heart just swelled. We went in and they talked and worked puzzles and when the other kids started arriving, I told him I was going to leave and I asked him if he remembered the rules. When he very enthusiastically said, "YES!," the teacher laughed and ruffled his hair. I think that's a very good sign that she's connected with him on a personal level. He connected with her too - she said she liked Sesame Street, so Izzy would say, "I like Sesame Street too!" and on and on.

Then when he came out, she sent him out third and said, "He had a star, but he rubbed it right off!" I was so excited for him. He told me that he did have to move the clothes pin once, which happens after two warnings, but it worked and he didn't have any time-outs. There were also five or six other kids on the stoplight as well, so he's not the only one who's been acting up, but of course, he is the biggest so more kids stand to get to hurt by him if he doesn't behave.

All in all, a very good day for Izzy!

*Not using her name until I forget and use it anyhow!

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