Saturday, September 02, 2006

Haute Couture

My sister gave Sophie a pair of cute little ankle-high white cowboy boots for her birthday. At the time, Sophie was still wearing mainly size 2 shoes, so the size four boots looked like they would be winter shoes. But after a recent growth spurt, their time on her feet is limited, so I decided to be funny and put them on her with a little dress she wore on her birthday, too. I love it!! Seriously, how could you resist this??

I had earlier told Izzy to get dressed. Mid-changing out of his pj's, he ran to pee. Came back without washing his hands, and asked me to take off his pj top. I told him I would if he'd go wash his hands. I got busy then and next time I looked at him, this is what he'd done:

Be sure to note the water shoes that complete the ensemble. This, my friends, is true haute couture.

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Paula said...

Loving those boots!