Saturday, September 09, 2006

Persistent little sweetie.

As Chris was headed out last Saturday to pick up breakfast, he hollered and told Izzy to get his shoes and he could go with him. Izzy and Sophie both run into his room and as Izzy's trying to get his shoes out, Sophie is grabbing shoes too. Izzy gets his shoes on and he and Chris leave.

Sophie brings me one of Izzy's shoes as they're leaving and squawks at me until I put it on her foot. She takes a couple of steps and it falls off. She runs back into Izzy's room and brings another shoe out, and it also falls off.

Since she clearly wants to wear shoes, I go and get her new favorites, "glass" Cinderella slippers, and put them on her. She immediately runs to the door and tries to open it and it hits me: that poor child was working just as hard as she possibly could to get her shoes on too, so she could also go with Daddy.

I told her it was too late, Daddy was already gone, and she sat down and took her shoes off and just cried her eyes out.

She really did work so hard, too, poor baby.


Tracey said...

Okay, that picture really broke my heart. Seriously, my eyes want to tear up. Poor baby indeed!!

Audra said...

I would have made him take her for a spin when he got home, poor thing

MaMa Norma said...

Poor baby! Chris should have taken her for a ride too!

Maisyday said...

What a sad picture! I feel so sorry for the poor little thing!

Mean daddy, mean, mean daddy! Well, it really wasn't his fault, but I have to blame someone! :)