Monday, October 02, 2006

Izzy and the missing fingers.

Okay, so we're all agreed that I'm not truly a candidate for mother of the year, right? Right. So on to my story.

I was on the computer yesterday and Izzy crawled underneath and pulled out the mouse cord. He does this ALL THE TIME. It's annoying. I say to him, "If you pull out that cord again, I'm going to pull off all of your fingers and eat them." Why yes, I am thinking of starting a parenting advice column.

He stands up and looks at me very seriously, then says, "No, you not pull them off because they have bones. See?," he says while tugging at his fingers, "They have bones."

"Well, then," I say, "I'll break them off instead."

He looks very concerned. "No," he says, "No break off my fingers! I need them to eat!"

In this family, our stomachs reign supreme.


meredith said...

My favorite threat is cutting off the feet, sticking sticks in them and putting them in the freezer...creating feet popscicles to eat later on.

Typically, I get this response "But mom, my feet are stinky and stinky feet popscicles are gross."

Paula said...

Ah, a girl after my own heart. I am always making threats of cruel and unusual punishments to the boys.

I love how Izzy called you on it, lol.