Saturday, October 28, 2006

Izzy's Halloween Party

We gaveth what the school tryeth to take away!

In honor of Izzy's recent trials and tribulations:

The kids had a blast bobbing for apples, and heck, the floor needed a good cleaning anyways.

Izzy had a blast. Actually, I think we all had a blast.

I made a very disgusting menu: bandage-wrapped toes, mucous punch, boogers on a stick, eyeballs in blood...and this group of freaks ate it all up. Except for the boogers on a stick.

You know, had Izzy not gotten kicked out of preschool, I wouldn't have had this party, and what a nice way to say goodbye to our first home.

From this group of freaks to you, have a great Halloween!

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Anonymous said...

Hey were is my SUPER family???