Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Give me my paci, or give me...

In the greatest of hopes for a solid's night rest, I have begun the depacification of Sophie.

We took the paci from Izzy at the same age as Sophie is now (19 mo) and it was a breeze. I clipped the end a little for a couple of days, then cut it back further for a couple of more days, then cut the whole nipple off. He looked at it, said, "Paci broke!," and that was that. A little crying for a couple of nights, but nothing major.

I put Sophie down to sleep night before last with a clipped paci and she fussed for a few minutes and went on to sleep. But when she woke up at 10:30 she threw a fit of mythical proportions! She screamed her head off for a half hour. I walked her around, I gave her a drink, I rocked her, and I even caved and gave her a regular paci after about 10 or 15 minutes, but the damage was done. She was FURIOUS. Once I got her back down, she was up her normal couple of times.

I tried it again with her morning nap yesterday and it was total freak-out time again. Screaming and carrying on for an hour, then I gave up trying to get her down. Afternoon nap, however, went fine since she was exhausted.

I put her down last night with the clipped one and then I went up in the attic and when she started crying, I think Chris gave her the regular one, because when she woke up again at midnight, I couldn't find the clipped one, but a normal one was right by her head. Then she slept until 7:20 - an extremely long period of sleep for her. So, of course, Izzy was up twice in the night.

For her morning nap today, gave her the clipped paci which she threw out of the crib as I walked out. Shortly thereafter though, it was silent, so I peeked in: she had found one of her old, non-clipped paci's.

Now she's sleeping peacefully, having been put down for her afternoon nap with a clipped paci. And she didn't cry at all. Here's to having this much luck at bedtime as well!!

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