Wednesday, November 08, 2006

This is why I always wanted a big brother.

I took Sophie to the doctor today for her 18 month checkup, where she had to get a couple of shots. She screamed, of course, and as the nurse stepped back to finish writing on her chart, Izzy crossed his arms, drew his face into a hard scowl and said to her, "You just hurt my baby. You hurt her when you gave her shot. Why you hurt my baby?!" She told him that she didn't mean to, she just wanted to make sure that she didn't get sick. He said, "You hurt her and make her cry. Why you do that?" The nurse again tried to convince him that she had to do it, but she didn't like to see Sophie cry either.

Then he said, "I gonna make you cry and give you a shot." The nurse and I couldn't help but smile at each other, for he was deadly serious and furious with that nurse for hurting his baby. What a sweet big brother.

He did this when Sophie was just five or six months old too. But he wasn't quite as menacing that time, nor did he threaten the nurse.

I'm a little scared to see how he'll react when someone breaks Sophie's heart.

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