Thursday, December 21, 2006

I'm not dead yet.

Sorry for the weird lack of posts lately. Things have been BEYOND crazy around here. Kids are going nuts, Chris is already there, I'm being driven there at a rapid pace.

Shopping? Not done. Cooking? Not started. Not bought for. Not even decided on what. Wrapping? Not even started. Cleaning? Good Lord, I can't even begin to describe how far away from clean this house is right now.

Oh wait, yes I can. I have probably 6 or 8 loads of clean laundry waiting in the laundry room to be folded. That's not like me. One or two, maybe, but this is nuts. Iz-man peed the bed the other night - first time, literally, in close to a year - and I got all bummed about all the laundry I needed to do. So I sat here and fumed all day yesterday and didn't do any of it. I know, that's pitiful, and not in a good way.

Then, as if Christmas isn't expensive enough on it's own, the van just needed $500 worth of work. On Monday. So guess what happened today? That's right, the car broke down. Chris dropped it off at the shop tonight, so we'll find out the damage tomorrow. *insert loud cussing here*

Anyhoo, there's my various excuses. I'll be marooned here tomorrow, so if I get that laundry tackled, I'll do a good post, I promise. Unless I die of food poisoning. I bought a pack of low-fat turkey pepperoni tonight and when I got home from shopping I was starved because we had no food in the house, and I hadn't had lunch or dinner. Opened it up and popped in four or five slices and almost choked on it while swallowing because it was all dried out. Must have been a hole in the package.

Speaking of shopping, this is another indication of how nutty my life is right now. I went grocery shopping tonight at 10 p.m., while Chris and the kids were in bed. Didn't get home till 11:15, took me until 11:45 to get all the bags carried in and unpacked. It was strange to be out that late. But it just goes to figure that if I am, I'll be grocery shopping. It is, indeedy, a fascinating life I lead.

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