Friday, December 01, 2006

My baby is now officially a toddler.

When I went to get Sophie out of her crib today at naptime, she threw a leg over the side, so I ran to grab the camera and I caught her sitting on top of the rail, wobbling and yelling. So tonight Chris took the side off her crib. *sob* I'm soooo ready to get rid of that stupid crib, but I can't believe she's this big already. I hope you all appreciate this picture:

It took her about an hour to get completely settled down. Chris and I took turns going in her room and laying her down, rocking her, and backing slowly out of the room, but it ended when we just shut her door and let her cry for about five or ten minutes on her own. Poor little pookie.

I wanted to see where she ended up, so I carefully cracked the door, tip-toed in, and saw that she'd climbed back on her bed and had fallen asleep. I took two pictures, covered her up, then came back here, loaded them, and promptly deleted them. Of course I had to tempt fate, so back I went. She stirred after the second shot (but it was so cute!) and started wailing. Chris is in there soothing her now, as I journal it all for you, my faithful readers!

I'm willing to bet that tonight isn't going to be any fun for anyone involved.


Maisyday said...

But she still looks so little to me!!! :)

Like the new layout, btw!

Anonymous said...

How sweet! She's growing up so fast.