Saturday, December 30, 2006

Plague and Christmas Updates

I feel like crap. I feel 10 times worse than yesterday, but better than the day before. I hope I completely kick this stupid bug tonight. It's wiping me out.

Izzy seems to be much better today - he didn't complain too much until it was bedtime and he wanted to sleep in my bed again. (Didn't work.) Sophie is definitely getting pink-eye in at least one eye and her cough has become much worse. What a weekend. Guess we're lucky to have made it through Christmas healthy, at least.

Speaking of which, we had a wonderful Christmas. Every Santa Izzy saw over the holidays, he’s asked for socks for Christmas. That’s it, just socks. He modified it to flowered socks for the last Santa. When Santa asked why, Izzy said, “Because I like socks.” Chris and I were afraid one of them might call CPS on us for not buying the kid his basic necessities.

Flash forward to Chris’s aunt’s house on Saturday night, the 23rd, where they have a Santa who brings a sack with a gift in it for each child (that Chris’s aunt and uncle have bought). Santa handed Izzy his gift and as he unwrapped it, he saw purple flowered SpongeBob socks. Izzy clutched the package tightly to his chest and said, “Santa, thank you! It’s exactly what I wanted!”
He looked at them again, then threw his arms around Santa and gave him a huge hug. He took them out of the package and held them in his hands for a second, and looked so sincere and said, “Thank you, Santa. I really like them.” He was so sweet and earnest that I couldn’t help but get all teary. Izzy then sat down and took his shoes off and put on his cool new socks.

We’ll never again be able to make him so completely and utterly thrilled with a Christmas present. It was truly magical. It was all-around a magical Christmas.

Pretty much everything was lost on Sophie, but she along with the flow and had a great time playing with all of her presents. Even better, both of the kids were really good probably 95% of the time, which is AMAZING for these two. Izzy remembered to thank people as well, although Santa got most of the credit.

Today he was laying on the bed with me and he told me he had a secret to tell me, about Santa. What was it, I inquired. "Santa bring me flowered socks and a robot and it made me so happy. It was just what I wanted." He's a great kid. Sophie is a great kid too. I am beyond blessed to have two such groovy kids.


Aunt Bobbie said...

Just wanted to say that I read your blog everyday and enjoy it so much. Love the pics! Love the story about the sox.

Mama Luvins said...

Thanks for the luv, Aunt Bobbie!! It was so cool to see a comment from you on here!!!