Thursday, December 07, 2006

We're having an ugh day.

Yesterday Izzy complained off and on of having a cold, so when I got that tickle in the back of my throat last night I wasn't too surprised. I was, however, miffed to say the least to realize how crappy indeed I feel today. That creepy crawly feeling is in my head, throat AND my chest. UGH UGH UGH. Both kids are still feeling all moogly today too, but at least they're being quiet. I've just let Izzy lay in my bed all morning watching cartoons while I've sat here hacking and coughing.

But there are large beautiful flakes of snow falling right now. It's supposed to be freezing cold this afternoon. Yippee. I have to clean off the porch and put Chris's ladder up while the kids are napping. I just may freeze doing so. But even if it's all for naught, and the couple looking at the house tonight don't want it (which we expect) then at least my house will be all sparkling clean for the holidays. It's all good.

Scratch that being quiet bit. Sophie just got up from her morning nap and Izzy is irritating her and vice-versa, so the screaming and yelling have commenced. Okay, so Izzy just came in here and told me what the problem is. He is eating a sucker he bought for a quarter the other night, so I gave Sophie a fruit leather to eat. She let him have a bite of it, and when she finished it, Izzy let her have a lick of his sucker. Then he told her no more, but since she was crying he gave her another lick. Then she cried even louder so he calmly explained to me what was going on. Now, the funny part is that Izzy will not eat more than four or five licks off his sucker - he never does, never has. But because it's his sucker that he bought with his own money, he rationally doesn't want to share more with her than he already has. I happen to agree with him, so Sophie hates us both right now.

On a good Sophie note, however, she has SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT FOR THREE NIGHTS IN A ROW!!!! I feel queasy typing that for I'm surely setting myself up. She has taken to her bed being a toddler bed now better than I could have ever hoped. One REALLY rough night, then the next night she cried for a few minutes, and now she just lays down and goes to sleep. It feels like a miracle.

I went to bed at 11:30 last night and only read till about midnight (should have been a sign I was getting sick) and I actually slept well so I was close to getting a full night's rest. But Izzy was up at 2:30 wanting to sleep with us so I had to take him back to his own bed. Then he came at 4:45 and again wanted in bed with us, so I patted the bed and realized Chris wasn't there so I told Izzy to hop in. I start to doze back off when there is a huge crash in the bathroom, then silence. I run in expecting to find Chris in the floor, but no, he stood there half-dressed and looking a little abashed. He'd just knocked a picture off the wall.

Back to bed I went, but then Izzy's snoring due to his cold got to me, so I picked him up to take him back to his bed. He wrapped his legs around my waist, arms around my neck and snuggled tight just like he did when he was a baby. He didn't even feel that heavy to me for a change. I tucked him in and went back to bed. It's 5:15 at this point and I can't fall back asleep due to my coughing. I get back up and take some medicine, then back to bed where I fall asleep around 6. Then Izzy woke up at 8 and Sophie about 10 minutes after that. We all laid in bed together until 9 watching SpongeBob. That was fun. In the last couple of weeks, Sophie has started paying attention to TV, so she'll now sit still for a couple of minutes.

The cutest thing just happened. It suddenly got dark and tons of snow started swirling around. I told Izzy to look at the snow, not thinking that Sophie is old enough to appreciate it now as well, but she ran to the window and then back to me, eyes wide pointing outside. I ran over to look with her and she stretched her arms up, "Up, up!" I picked her up and she pointed outside, "Oh? Oh?" - her version of "snow." We watched for a couple of minutes, then I ran to get my camera, of course. I'll post the picture for you all a little later.

Okay, I'm off to fix lunch for my hoodlums. Here's to a better afternoon.

UPDATE: Izzy just gave his sucker to Sophie. When I told him that he didn't have to do that, he said, "Yeah, I do. Her wanted it for a long time." He sure can be a sweet kid.

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