Thursday, January 25, 2007

I need to get out more.

I was taking my afternoon surfing break when Sophie climbed down off my lap and went and curled up the brown chair again. That's where she prefers to rest right now. I finish checking my e-mail and I go over to see if she's asleep since she's laying so still. Nope, so I just back away from her and pretend yelp.

This awakens Izzy, who cries out briefly, so I run to hide behind the door to the hall so I can, of course, jump out and surprise him when he sleepily shuffles into the living room.

I wait and wait, but he doesn't come out. I look around and am suddenly struck by how Sophie isn't paying a lick of attention to me, and neither are one of our dogs and that cat. The crazy dog, Gammie, is looking at me though. She know insanity when she sees it.

So I walk away and as I cross the entry way into the dining room, I hear his door crack, so I jump behind the wall seperating the dining room and the living room. I slowly peek around the corner, and look down the hall, where I make eye contact with Izzy, who curiously cranes his neck around the door trying to figure out what I'm up to.

I'm caught, I know, so I just lean against the wall, hiding my face. Izzy turns the corner and stands there looking at me for a second, then grabs my arm. I scream and jump back in mock astonishment that I've been found, and he smiles a little half smile at me. You know the smile I'm talking about, one that we all have, but reserve for totally unfunny people trying too hard.

But at least Sophie is feeling a bit better right now. Her fever is all gone. Right now, she and Izzy are crawling around on the floor pretending to be cats, except for when they bump their heads into the furniture and say, "OW!!"

Gammie is watching them knowingly as well.

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