Monday, February 12, 2007

Did you miss me??

Hang in there, my faithful readers, I swear I've not forsaken you!! I have, however, been sunning my buns in Florida. We made a trip down to see the in-laws and had a blast. They did their best to show us a great time, and we had one. Of course, if I never see another crime show again, it'll be too soon...but I digress. The kids were unbelievably good on the drive down AND the drive back! Izzy was really sick for a couple of days before we left, so all the way there we kept shoving a little bucket in the poor kids face every time he coughed, and he'd sweetly say, "No thank you." He was a little trooper. Sophie slept in a twin bed in the same room as Izzy, in his own twin bed, and she slept through the night most every night, which, as anyone who frequents this blog knows, is pretty daggone close to a miracle.

Here's some pics of our lovely vacation:

We made a lot of great memories on this trip (captured by 650 photographs and several videos) and that's what a good vacation is made of. We're awfully lucky that Chris's parents not only wanted us there, but were sad to see us go. We were sad to leave as well. I have now officially entered the waiting-for-next-year's-vacation mode. It's going to be a loooong year!

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