Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Four days and counting.

*GULP* So the plan is to have everything ready to go Friday and Chris will pick the truck up that evening on his way home...his last trip home to this house, in fact...and then we'll spend our last night here and load it all up Saturday. We've reserved a large storage building in Parkersburg, which makes me a little faint. That's a long way to be from 99% of our stuff, because we'll be staying with mom until we find a house.

I'd guess I have 95% of things packed now, aside from our clothes. The last appraiser wasn't able to finish the job, so a new appraiser came out today. Hopefully that will be fine - I'm guessing it will.

Having all of the boxes all over the place is helping me to break the emotional bond I have with this house, and I'm really looking forward to FINALLY be on to the next stage. Selling this house has sucked up eighteen months of my life, but I've learned some valuable lessons too, namely which is to make all the improvements up front so we'll have time to enjoy them.

The appraiser today asked if we'd watched a lot of HGTV, and their program on getting your house sold. I blushed and told her yes. I don't care if it is obvious, it got 'er sold, didn't it??

Here's to bigger and better things, and a grand new adventure!

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Social Work Dad said...

Good luck! Moving is hard work but an exciting time too as you move somewhere new - a new place for memories to be made. Lisa and I put loads of our stuff in storage whilst we sold our one-bedroom flat (apartment) before moving to our 4 bed house. The experience was a good one; all our stuff was okay and it was actually good fun going to get it all with the help of several friends. Mopre good memories! Are you moving along way from where you were?

By the way, in a strange twist of fate....my previous partner is from Buckhannon WV!