Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Updates, updates.

These kids are changing so much lately, and not all of it's positive. Sophie is nearly potty-trained now, which rocks, but she's awfully fond of pooping in the floor. Thank God this isn't my house. (Hey, pushing the training now was mom's idea!) She's talking a bit more, but she defininitely is a little behind, although not as much as Izzy was right before his second birthday. Speaking of which, she'll be two in ten days!!! Amazing.

On the down side, she and Izzy have both developed a fondness for irritating the animals. That is, of course, simply not acceptable, but it's made even more so by the fact that one of our animials, our black dog Gammie, is teetering on the edge of crazy. She's never done anything more than growl, so hopefully the kids will outgrow this stage quickly. Part of the problem is almost assuredly that the animals don't have as many places to hide here. There are four adults, two kids, two dogs, two cats, and a parakeet all living together here in 1100 square feet. We're coexisting quite happily so far, but I wonder if the kids' new-found aggression might not be due to the close quarters.

Another not-so-pleasant attribute Izzy's developed is whininess. It's driving all of us up the wall. He twisted his foot/ankle yesterday and he's been whining so much anyhow lately that we didn't take him serious for a long time.

He's chomping at the bit to turn four. I know we're going to get busted at a restaurant soon for trying to pass him as three. Even though he's still three. It's hard enough already what with his giant stature, but if he's standing there insisting he's four or five or ten, we're going to look like cheap idiots. But of course, there's only three months left to worry about that anyhow. *sigh*

We're all getting awfully excited about moving, though. Chris is really liking his new job and he has a cushy corner office now, instead of a cramped cubicle, so that's cool. His current drive is still too long, from here to Beckley, but it's much better than it was, and now the end is in sight. Well, it would be if we could find a house. There are a ton of houses in Beckley lower than our price range and a ton over our price range, but pickings are slim where we want to spend. One thing is for certain though - the area is lovely, so we'll be happy no matter what house we end up with.

I guess that's all the updates for now. I again apologize for my erratic posting - my mom's computer is in the same room that Sophie's sleeping in, so my normal computer time during nap time is now severely compromised. But don't give up on me. There will be all kinds of cool new adventures for us very soon!!

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