Saturday, September 22, 2007

Big girl bed!

Testing out the new bed:
Tucking Sophie in with a good-night kiss:
Little baby in a big girl bed:
I've forgotten to post this so far, but last Saturday, we took out Sophie's toddler bed (her crib converted down) and put in an old twin bed frame my sister gave us (by default because we've stored it for her several years) and got her a cheapie mattress from Sam's (until the chance of peeing the bed at night is mostly over) and since then she's SLEPT ALL NIGHT EVERY NIGHT.

Yes, indeedy, it's a miracle. But don't get too excited for us. During that exact same time frame, Izzy has decided to drive us down nutty lane by getting up once or twice each night.
I am destined to never catch up on my sleep.

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