Sunday, September 23, 2007

BUSY, but great weekend.

My parents came and spent the weekend, and the four of us worked NON-STOP. Here's a partial list of what we accomplished (partial only because of my memory):

*Replaced chandelier in foyer.

*Moldings put up in kid's bedrooms.

*Curtains made and hung across doorway to sunroom.

*Curtains made and hung in the two windows in sunroom that cause problems.

*Lock installed on back door.

*Oil & other car stuff done to three vehicles.

*Removable curtain made for window from the sunroom to the kitchen, to be used by our guests.

*Tightened toilet paper holder in hall bath.

*Fixed threshold in hall bath.

*Replaced burnt out lights in porch light fixture.

*Fixed threshold in sunroom.

*Depoopyfied the yard.

*Worked on the master bathroom door, so that it will stay shut and locked now.

My dad did a ton of other small projects around the house that needed done, and mom helped me use her super-awesome sewing machine to make Izzy's Halloween pants for his chef costume, as well as a nightgown for one of his puppies, and a nightgown for one of Sophie's teddy bears.

It was an unbelievably busy and super productive weekend. I have to send a big shout out to my mom and dad -you guys rock! Honestly, if they hadn't come up here to help, most of those projects wouldn't have gotten done for at least another six months.

It's nice to be so loved!!

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