Friday, September 21, 2007

Wonderful little moment. Wonderful little kids.

I came on the computer a few minutes ago to check out my mom's new MySpace page set up by my sister, and the kids finished up their lunch and came in here to play on the art easel.

Sophie is on the crayon & paper side, while Izzy was working on the chalk side. She reached him up a crayon and he said, "Oh, no thanks, Baby, I already have a piece of chalk."

Then he looked around the easel at her many colored swirls and he exclaimed, "Baby, that looks WONDERFUL!"

"Danks, Issy," she said cheerfully, and they both went back to their coloring.

It was a little tiny conversation, and I guess maybe it doesn't seem like much put out here on it's own. But while it may not be as funny as the horror stories they also provide me with on a daily basis, I get so many more of these sweet little moments. They truly are sweetie-pies.

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