Monday, November 12, 2007

Praying my dreams aren't prophetic.

I had a dream the other night - no, let's call it a nightmare - that I went to my first visit with my new ob and it was their practice to offer no meds to counter morning sickness. Do you remember the long-haired pediatrician on ER? The one who wears glasses? Yeah, it was him.

Anyhow, my first appointment is tomorrow and I'm going to BEG for drugs. I tried to play it cool when pregnant with the other two, and I just took the meds when I was desperate. Plus, the only medicine that worked was $20 or so a pill. But now I hear there is a generic. Please, oh please, let me get some tomorrow. Think you're sick of hearing me whine about being sick already? I'm SICK of being SICK already.

I laugh at the me of a week ago who thought I might avoid the worst of it. Ha. Ha. Ha. It's all come back to me now. It was a moment of deja vu tonight when I told my MIL that I just wished the constant puking would start because the constant nausea was killing me. No sooner than the words had left my mouth than I had a flashback to saying to Chris, when pregnant with Sophie : "You know, I was wrong. Puking all the time is even worse."

I do not do pregnancy well. I'm PRAYING that tomorrow I'm told that I'm way further along than I think. That would be so cool. Hearing that I'm carrying twins would be pretty cool too.

Wish me luck on all fronts tomorrow!!

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Tracey said...

How did it go at the OB's? Hope you are feeling better!!