Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!!!

I am having one of THE MOST AWESOME DAYS OF MY LIFE. It started off with Izzy tiptoeing in and waking Chris up, telling him to get up because it was Mother’s Day and they had to make breakfast. Chris told him he'd get up in just a minute or two, so Izzy said fine, he’d do it himself.

By the time Chris went to the bathroom and got to the kitchen, Izzy had got his little play breakfast tray out, put a paper towel on it, filled a Dora cup up with milk and added a straw, and had put a donut on the towel. Chris added a pop-tart (it’s been the only thing to stabilize my morning sickness this whole pregnancy) then carried it to the bedroom where Izzy yelled, “Happy Mother’s Day!!” I nearly cried. I have no idea where Izzy got the idea for breakfast in bed, but it was the sweetest, nicest thing I've ever had happen to me! Seriously, breakfast in bed on Mother's Day - my kid is a walking ad for Hallmark.

Of course, at this stage in the pregnancy, no way was the tray fitting over my stomach, so I sat up and Chris sat the tray over my legs, then Izzy jumped up on the bed on the other side of the tray. Chris then went out and got our Sunday biscuits and Izzy and I shared the pop tart - and I let him eat most of the stale, two day old donut, because that's the giving kind of mom I am.

When Sophie got up, Izzy started to eat the last piece of pop tart, then reconsidered and gave it to her instead. He's been bending over backwards all day to be super sweet to everyone, and so helpful. I am SUCH a lucky mama.

During my second breakfast, Chris gave me a card that the kids had signed that plays the “Chicken” song, a song which has haunted us for more nearly eight years now. We first heard it at our wedding reception and then some cruel relative gave Izzy a hamster in a chicken outfit that plays it as well. It drives us NUTS, so it was hilarious to have the card play the same song.

The card from Chris has two big sets of feet with a smaller set in between that says, “Lately, I feel like something's come between us.” The inside reads, “I'm cool with that.” LOVE IT! Then he gave me Photoshop Elements, which I've coveted for forever. Chris hit a home run today.

Then he made me a cup of coffee, a treat which has been off limits this pregnancy, not only because it's not good to load a fetus up with caffeine, but also because of the two cups I've had during the last eight or so months, half have made me throw up. But this morning, it felt like heaven to sit here and sip it in peace and quiet while Chris had the kids downstairs playing. I made it through half and now the heartburn it about to kill me, BUT IT WAS WORTH IT.

Now a message from the sweetest, most adorable little boy on earth. I'd like to dedicate it my fellow mommies on this special day, and especially to my own special Mom: May you all have as wonderful a day as I'm having, and Happy Mother's Day, Mom!!! You rock!!!

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MaMa Norma said...

That is so sweet and adorable, just like Izzy. I think you and Micki are special mothers and am so proud of you. Ok Crystal, I'm proud of you too!