Friday, May 16, 2008

Three weeks from today.

*Has heart attack.* Okay, back to the post...three weeks from today, at this point in the pregnancy I mean, of course, I had Sophie. Three weeks and four days from today, I had Izzy. HOLY CRAP, I NEED TO GET BUSY.

We're planning on getting the crib painted and together this weekend, and start the process of squeezing the baby into Sophie's room. I ordered a couple of dressers for their room, so hopefully they won't take too long to come in - I've got the laundry room full of sweet little baby things just waiting to be washed in Dreft and put away. But as of yet, I have no place to put them, so there they sit.

I think I may have finally convinced Chris of the necessity of a king size bed, so that might be in the works for this weekend as well. Four big people are already too much for that queen sized bed. Add another and her little snuggle nest...and well, it wouldn't be pretty.

I'd LOVE LOVE LOVE to rip that carpet up this weekend too, and lay some nice hardwoods down, but that ain't gonna happen. Yet. But I'm working on it. Sure would be nice to hit the lottery.

Gonna be a big weekend!

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