Monday, June 16, 2008

I HATE my dogs.

Seriously hate them. They have it out for me and I do not know why.

Last mattress we got, Deltie jumped up on it and peed on it just a few days after we got it. It was a very, very expensive mattress, and I did not have a waterproof mattress pad on it. That was the end of them being allowed on our bed. EVER.

When we moved in to this house, I bought a beautiful silk bedspread on clearance at Target. Within a day or two, perhaps less, one of them snuck in there and puked all over it. Because it was so cheap, it didn't make sense to dry clean it as the label said, so we washed it. And ruined it. The dogs repaid us by jumping up on it a few weeks later and chewing a hole in it.

We responded to this attack by putting a gate up in the hallway so they can't get into our bedroom at night. They want to sleep on the floor beside our bed, but now they're not even allowed in the bedroom. If we forget to shut the door when we're leaving, however, the assholes sneak in there and leave muddy footprints or chewed up bits of crap or puke all over our bed.

I finally talked Chris into buying a king sized bed Saturday, but this time I was smart enough to buy a waterproof mattress pad. We bought another new comforter, again steeply clearanced, of course.

We've slept on it two nights now. The comforter set is so lovely, and came with a bunch of pretty throw pillows too. And guess what?? The mother @)@)@#&#&'s snuck in there today while I was gone and PUKED THREE TIMES ON IT. THREE TIMES!!!

Seriously, I am so angry at these dogs. SO ANGRY. Because guess who's new bedspread is another dry clean only beauty??

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