Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Little green dress.

Thirty-five years ago, my mom's sister, my Aunt Sandy, bought the newborn me a beautiful little green dress with matching booties. I wore it, both of my sisters wore it, when Aunt Sandy had a daughter, Jessie, she wore it, then when my sister had a daughter, Maddie, she wore it too.

The little green dress came full circle when I had Sophie:

And now I'm lucky enough to have another little girl to wear this pretty green dress! This is Suzi visiting Great-Granny Fox for the first time, last weekend:
This is Suzi and her Great Aunt-Sandy, who recognized this little green dress as soon as we walked in the door:

Here's a better shot of the smocking on the dress, and the teeny tiny little buttons:

This picture? Well the expression on her face just makes me giggle, as does the ladylike position of her hands. I'm pretty sure she's expressing her disdain over being made to wear a goofy bonnet.
I'm so lucky that everyone took such good care of this adorable little dress. I hope I get to see great-granddaughters of my own wearing it someday too!

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