Thursday, August 14, 2008

I need me an extra couple of hands, in fact.

For the past three days, I have toted all three kids around with me to many different places - a couple of doctor's appointments, the movies, shopping, etc. Overall, they've been very good, but that hasn't stopped numerous strangers from saying to me, "I'll bet you have your hands full, don't you?" I always respond, "YES I DO." Clearly.

Here are a few example of why:

Last Saturday, I hosted book club here at our house, and after having pizza and a brief book discussion, we all got in the pool. A couple of the women had brought their kids along, and while playing, one of the old dollar store noodles had the end torn off. Izzy swam over to the corner of the pool where a bunch of us sat talking and nursing our babies. He saw the noodle, picked up the broken end, and said sort of under his breath (but loud enough for EVERYONE to hear), "Stupid strangers." Luckily enough, all of the stupid strangers found that hilarious.


Chris came home from a business trip last night and we were all laying on the bed cuddling when he decided to play one of our favorite games - "Who's getting kicked out of the family?" It's great fun. First up was Izzy: "Who wants to keep Izzy in the family?" Chris asked. I voted to keep him, and he voted for himself. Next was Suzi, who we all voted to keep, then it was me, who also, naturally, got a unanimous vote to stay in the family. Next Chris asked, "Who wants to keep Daddy in the family?" Poor guy didn't receive a single vote. Then it was Sophie's turn, and she also received a unanimous vote to stay, including one from Izzy. I then asked again, "Who wants to keep Izzy in the family?" thinking that since she'd seen that he wanted to keep her, she'd want to keep him. He got four out of five votes.

"Sophie," I said, "Izzy voted to keep you, don't you want to keep him?"

With a shrug, she said, "Somebody loses today."

Chris said she was going to be a great fit in the corporate world.


A few minutes ago, I crept into the sunroom where the kids sat watching cartoons, and I grabbed Izzy's head with a loud growl. He sat still for a second and then burst into tears. I sat down beside him and said, "Honey, why in the world are you crying?"

"You scared me!" he said. Sophie saw me hugging Izzy, so she came over for a hug too.

As she leaned against me, a quite unpleasant smell drifted up to my nostrils and Sophie says with a evil grin, "What's that smell?" Then she cracks up laughing.

I tell her that rather than pretend it wasn't her, the proper response when she toots is to say, "Excuse me." My next lesson will be to teach her that she's a LITTLE GIRL.


Oh yes, my hands are FULL FULL FULL.


PAW-PAW RAY said...

That's paw-paws little girl !!!

Maisyday said...

LMAO!!!! I love those kids! :)

Mcnoodle said...

Yep, loving that girl a little more everyday!!!