Friday, August 29, 2008

Yep, he's Chris's son.

Since Izzy has started Kindergarten three days ago, I've spent most of my time with him trying to draw out what he does all day long. Including today. He's only been home about ten minutes and I'm already blogging about it. That's my boy! Here's the conversation we just had:

Me: "So tell me what you did today."

Izzy: "Why do I always have to tell you what I did all day?"

Me: "Because Sophie and I sit here all day doing nothing but missing you so we like to know what you've been up to when you're not with us. If you'd like, I'll tell you what we've done all day too."

Izzy: "I'd LIKE you to clean the house up before I get home."

Genetics are cruel.


amy said...

OMG! This is why I love your blog. Your kids are way too funny!

Brandon said...

Too funny! Just a couple minutes ago Brandon tripped over a toy and said, "Mom, you need to clean this place up!" And then of course when I say, "Why don't we clean together?" He collapses to the ground dramatically and says, "But I'm so tired!" =)