Thursday, October 23, 2008

I thought this only happened in advertising!

As I was skimming the internet this morning, Sophie was playing beside me, asking me once to help her put a costume on one of her baby dolls. When I finished checking my blogs, I stood up to get busy and saw one of the cutest things I've ever seen:

Her giant Care Bear is sitting in the old desk, wearing a Snow White costume. My old doll that's Sophie's now, is wearing her witch costume from a few years ago. Sophie is sitting on Suzi's bouncy chair, and see the stack of pillows at the edge of the picture? Apparently, "Lucy" is sitting there - Sophie has an imaginary friend!!! How cool is that??

Anyhow, she very sweetly served them all tea on Chris's grandmother's old chair. So terribly cute.

As I uploaded the picture and was typing this, Sophie has since put them all in school, and she's removed her princess dress to become their teacher. She is such as awesome little girl.


Maisyday said...

Glad to see she is feeling better!

Mcnoodle said...

So thats what happened to Lucy!!!! Maddie was wondering were she was!