Thursday, January 22, 2009

Third Child's Playpen


Heather said...

Too cute, go check out my bog, you inspired me!

Anonymous said...

At least she look happy!

Maisyday said...

Yep, third kids always get the shaft...people try to say that the baby is always the favorite, but it is just a matter of the parents eventually feeling guilty for never getting the baby anything of their own. I bet she doesn't have anything in her baby book either, does she?

LOL, inside joke everyone--I'm not really that bitter. Really! :)

Anonymous said...

Shame on you MaisyDay for saying that. I know your poor mother's heart is breaking that you are so bitter over a baby book. The third child is as special as the others but mom has two active rug rags before the third one gets here. Where do you think she has time to sit down and write??? Geez!

YOUR Mother

Oh by the way, Cindy, the expression of Suzi's face looks exactly like you about the same age. Beautiful!

Mama Luvins said...

This is the truth: Suzi's is mostly filled out (I'll show you next time you're here!!) but the other two's baby book has yet to have a word put in them!!!