Friday, February 13, 2009

Conversation with Sophie

When Suzi woke up a little while ago from her morning nap, I changed her and took her into the living room to nurse her. I have Sophie bring me a book and I read it to her while Suzi nurses on the right. The book is done, and so is Suzi, so I pick her up to switch sides.

"Has she ate that side yet?," Sophie asks.

"Nope," I tell her. She stares intently at my chest. "Are you going to nurse your babies one day too?"

She nods her head yes and says, "I'm going to have lots of babies."

"How many?," I ask.

She holds her hand up, fingers outstretched.

"Five babies? Cool!," I say.

"And then I'll let you borrow them."

I smile and say, "Thank you! That will be so nice!"

"That way you can feed them booby whenever you want," she says. [Sidenote: Yes, we call nursing "eating booby." Three kids and Chris and I still immature.]

"No," I tell her, "I'll just give them a bottle of milk instead."

"Okay," she tells me, "Then when you run out of that stuff in the bottle, you can go ahead and give them boobie."

I laugh and tell her that I won't be able to, that only she'll be able to nurse her babies. She wonders why and I tell her that God made boobies to work just as long as a mommy's baby needs her milk, then they will stop making milk.

She smiles then says, "Can we have lunch now?"

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