Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Our oddly recorded day of fun.

Continuing my recent theme of poorly devised photos that I took last week during a beautiful day outside, I have for your viewing displeasure today the following - the first two from me, the latter two from my niece Maddie.

This first one was almost cool. Except for the giant baby head in the corner. And this one below was almost a cool shot of said giant baby head except I focused on the railing and not the head.
I think this one comes close to being pretty cool though - Maddie took it through a screen. Izzy's expression, however, kinda ruins it for me.

And this one is just plain weird because of all the strange things in the picture. There's a wicker child's chair in which no child has sat for several years due to it's structural defects, but yet it made the move up here with us and still remains on the deck, the mom with straggly hair watching her baby about to crawl off the deck, two big grills (one of which hasn't been used in at least a year or so), and a little girl wrapped in a blanket with her head almost under the grill.

Actually, that's a pretty average day around here, so forget I said that one was weird. Come to think of it, I guess any day around here that I've recorded via the camera is going to look fairly weird whether my photography skills improve or not!

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