Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Happy April Fool's Day!!

A couple of my fellow mommy friends gave me a great idea to pull one over on the kids today: take wafer cookies, the bar shaped kind, coat them in peanut butter, then roll them in corn flakes and serve them as fish sticks. The sides were green fruit leather rolled into peas, and strawberry jam as ketchup. It turned out to be a pretty close copy:

The kids started eating, and no one said a word. I asked Sophie how her fish sticks were and she said, "Pretty good." Chris and I started laughing and asked Izzy how his tasted. He said like peanut butter. Chris said I cook so many weird things that now the kids can't tell the difference between fish sticks and cookies.

The peas went over well, too, but both kids thought they were jelly beans. As they were eating, Izzy asked me why I gave them so much sugar and Sophie chimed in that it wasn't healthy.

Then Izzy asked me if I thought I should fix them something else for dinner. They might not have got the joke, but their comments had Chris and I in hysterics!

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Mcnoodle said...

That is too cute! Noah had a blast today telling everyone that they had a hole in their pants, then he would holler "April Fool's Day!"