Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Happy Birthday, Sophie!!!

Four years old. Wow. I mean - WOW.

You've been so excited for the last month, because you are certain that being four makes you a big girl. I think it does too, even though it doesn't seem possible you've been around for that long. Every single day with you has been a blast.
This morning on the way to school, you tested yourself to see if, now that you are four, you could sing all the words to "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star," and then to the "ABC's." You missed a few, but you do have some of my genetic code, so that's bound to happen sometimes no matter how old you get.

Your daddy says he finds it fascinating to watch you, and then to see the similarities in our personalities. I take that as a great compliment, for you are one FASCINATING creature! I'm not so sure daddy meant it fully as a compliment, or more as something to work on with you, but take heart: there are worse thing to be in life than interesting. Daddy says I'm always interesting - interesting good, interesting bad, but always interesting. You are too, sugar pie. I can't begin to tell you how many times a day your dad and I both stare at whatever craziness you're up to, then look at each other, shake our heads and smile. You are truly awesome.

You are exquisite too. I know, as your mother, I'm required by law to say that, but it's true!! Your hair has taken it's time coming in, but it's the loveliest color, a color that defies definition. It's not exactly blonde, although you do have the most beautiful blonde highlights, but it's far from being brown. Shiny bronze, maybe? With a few copper highlights too? Whatever you call it, it's beautiful. Even that piece you cut out of it a couple of months ago.

And your green eyes are breathtaking, especially when you're mad or crying, and you've opened them wide. I don't think it's a conscious effort on your part, but it surely is effective. Even my old cold heart can't resist them.

You are such a bright, charming, and engaging child. I can't wait to see what you'll be when you grow up, because I know it will be amazing. Denise thinks you'll be an actress or performer of some sort. I can see that. There are few things you love more than being the center of attention.

Unless, of course, it's making sure that Suzi is the center of attention. Watching you become a big sister has been one of the greatest joys of my life. Everyone thought you would have trouble with a new baby in the house, and be consumed with jealousy. But you instantly fell in love with your little sister, and stepped into your new role as big sister without a moment's hesitation. I can't imagine a more loving or helpful big sister. You shout with delight at Suzi's smallest achievements, and you call for me to take her picture even more than I already do. Suzi adores you too. She loves to crawl up beside you, lean her head against yours and go, "Awwww," as she gives you luvins. She wouldn't be so affectionate if you weren't so affectionate yourself.

That's another joy, that you are still the sweet little snuggle bunny you've been since you were born. You've always been the snuggliest, and I love it. All the pressures and stresses of our day melt away, when you curl up with me and your daddy. You are so very sweet, and empathic. Your heart breaks when you think you've done something to disappoint anyone. Unless, of course, you've done it on purpose, for you have an ornery streak a mile wide in you. Few things make you as happy as annoying your brother.

I see if for what it is, though, even if Izzy doesn't. As he grows up, you're just making sure he doesn't forget his big little sister, as he calls you, is still around. I don't think that will ever happen, though. He is your protector. A few months ago, at a birthday party for a little boy in your class, one to which siblings were invited too, he made sure to puff his chest out and threateningly tell the birthday boy that you were HIS little sister. I have a feeling that as you grow up, Izzy's going to have his hands full running off the little boys. As will your daddy, even though he jokes about how he's going to have to try to trick a guy into marrying such a headstrong maniac.
I feel a little sad thinking about that day. We are best friends now, and you think I'm pretty awesome. I can't help but get the big head that such a cool girl likes me so much. Because you are one of the very coolest girls I have ever met. You are supremely confident, as you should be, because you are incredible. Brilliant, beautiful...bossy and brash. That's my girl!

We are all so lucky to have you, Sophie-bug. You bring color and happiness to our lives, and to our hearts. I love you, sweetie, and HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


Mcnoodle said...

Happy Birthday Doodle-Bug!! Mimi loves you!!!!

Maisyday said...

What an awesome blog! Happy Birthday Baby Girl! I so wish I was there with you to celebrate! I love you so much!