Thursday, April 30, 2009

How I almost ruined the magic.

And on the second tooth, to boot.

It all started when Izzy got off the bus and immediately started digging in his pockets, where he proudly produced a sandwich bag holding his second loose tooth. Seems that there is a teacher at school who is known for liking to pull teeth, and Izzy was jealous because she'd pulled several of his friends' teeth already (he said everyone in his class, but he's prone to exaggeration). So he had her pull his tooth too.

We made over it and admired the new hole in his mouth. When bedtime rolled around, he got out his tooth pillow, put the little tooth in it, and then, while Chris was tucking Sophie in, wrote the tooth fairy a note on the stationery that came in a little tooth fairy kit we bought:

Chris then goes back to work. After Izzy is asleep, I think about the tooth and decide to go ahead and play tooth fairy before I forget. I creep in there, slide out the tooth pillow where I find the note, then I slide in four quarters and gently put the tooth pillow back under his pillow.

I can't figure out what the note says, so I lay it in the bathroom to ask Chris about before bed. A little while later, Izzy blearily get up to go to the bathroom, but he doesn't ask about the tooth fairy. A little while after that, Chris gets home and the baby starts crying, so he goes and rocks her, then he just lays down with her and they both go to sleep.

I finish filling out birthday invitations for the joint party we're having for Izzy and Sophie, then I head to bed where I see Chris sleeping (he hadn't told me good night). I get the note and wake him up and ask him what it said. HE DID NOT ASK!!!

We decide that the tooth fairy should write a note back, and I can tell the first part of his note is a thank you, so I write, "Dear Sweet Isaac, You Are Welcome! Love, Tooth Fairy." I wrote it in a curly, loopy handwriting that didn't look like my own. Then I stealthily crept into Izzy's room, where I congratulate myself for having the forethought to have left the tooth pillow near the edge.

I reach over and slide it out, then as I'm lifting it up, the four quarters come rolling out. Izzy sleeps in an antique iron bed, one that my mother slept in, then me. One that makes a horrifically loud CLANG every time a quarter bounces off it.

Izzy's eyes crack open and he says, "Why did I just hear money falling?" I PANIC. I'm sure I looked like a deer caught in headlights as my eyes anxiously darted around the room. Then I had a flash of creativity and I say to him, "Because I just couldn't wait to see if the tooth fairy had come yet."

He looks at me for a second then says, "Well, put the money back in there and don't let me see it." Then he rolls over to go back to sleep. I sigh a HUGE sigh of relief and start looking for the quarters to slide them back into the tooth pillow, along with my little note.

But it can't be that easy, and it wasn't, for the quarters had fallen between the bunky board and the iron railings and there was no way I was getting them out without lifting up the bed. So I hurry back to my secret change stash and, of course, only have three quarters. He's been studying pennies, nickels and dimes, I rationalize, so he'll think those are cool too.

I sneak back into his room, put the note and the change into his pillow, and feel my heart drop when he rolls over again, but this time he doesn't say anything, but rather just curls back up to go to sleep.

This morning he wakes me up by saying, "Look, mom, the tooth fairy gave me 65 cents!" Yep, somehow I'd managed to still not get all the change into the pocket. I took him into his bedroom to find the rest of the change where I found the note. I feigned huge surprise, of course. He was delighted, and told me that the tooth fairy told him "You are welcome," because he had written her a note. I asked him what it had said (1000 points to the genius mommy!) and he said, "Thank you, tooth fairy, for all of the care, love and money."

Ummm, that's not exactly what he'd written, but I was asking him to just remember it because the tooth fairy had taken her note with her, of course. It looks to me like it says, "Thank you, Tooth Fairy, for the money and [set] gifts." I don't know what "set" was supposed to mean, but I do think it was an awfully sweet thing for him to do.

Now I just have to hope that he doesn't find this blog until he's done believing, because a sweet little boy like that deserves to have the magic for as long as he can.

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Maisyday said...

I can't help but laugh at that note...look at "set", doesn't it look like "sex"? So it looks like Izzy thanked the Tooth Fairy for the money and sex gifts! LMAO Just what are you teaching your kid?!?!?

Yes, I know, I'm a sick, sick person for even thinking it. :)