Monday, April 27, 2009

Just another lazy evening.

We STILL don't have local channels on our DirectTV, so Chris and I came into the bedroom, where we're still paying for cable (seriously sore point with us both), to watch the season finale of "Chuck."

Suzi, who had a nap at dinnertime thanks to a lovely, but exhausting for her, afternoon down at the pool, was still up. She bounced from one of us to the other, full of smiles. We got into an argument, Suzi and me, over my mini laptop. She pounded on it while I was sending an e-mail, so I moved her hand and said, "No." "Yayce." "No." "Yayce." "No." "Yayce." "No." "Yayce." It was hilariously cute and, yes, Chris and I exchanged the smiling glance where we're both beaming at her brilliance.

Chris assists her in standing up and as the theme song to "Chuck" starts playing, she starts wildly shaking and dancing. Up and down, with great abandon and glee. I dance as well, and the smile on her face lights up the whole room. We can't help but crack up laughing with her. Pure joy.

Then she reached over and tweaked Chris's, ummm, chest. He yipped and I laughed and asked her if she wanted a drink. "Yayce," she says, then proceeds to throw herself backwards in a tantrum until I comply. She's an easy child to please, as long as we do exactly what she wants, exactly when she wants us to.

Next she decided to play with the phone. I take it from her and hide it under the bedspread. Her face turns red, she clenches her fists, and she screeches at me several times. When she sees that's not working, she peers under the edge of the bedspread, grabs the phone and looks at me and shakes her head up and down several times, as if she was telling me, "See this? That's all I wanted."

Daddy then has to go to work, so Suzi and I settle in to watch "Dancing With the Stars," simply because there's nothing else on in here, and we're having too much fun to leave. Suzi holds the phone up to her ear and says, "Ehoh? Da da?" When she hits a button and causes it to beep, her eyes stretch wide and she holds the phone out to see what had happened.

"Do you want to talk to someone?," I ask her. She smiles and shakes her head up and down several times, so I dial my parents. My dad answers and talks to Suzi for a few seconds, then she's done and starts playing with the phone again. I get a funny idea and ask dad to call me right back. When he does, Suzi throws the phone down on the bed in a most startled manner, then looks up to me with wonder on her face. She totally thought she made it ring on her own, and that only confirmed her belief that she ROCKS.

I lean back on the pillows against the headboard and Suzi crawls down the length of my legs to curl up, the back up to my chest for a quick snuggle. She rolls down beside me and sighs. I roll over and stroke her face and her blinks slow.

I catch her eye and she smiles as her lashes lower upon those rosy cheeks. I lightly run my finger up her side and she shivers and giggles, eyes remaining closed. I tickle her a few more times, and each time I'm rewarded with an adorable smile, but those long lashes never budge from her plump little cheeks.

I lean back again and smile my own happy, contented smile.

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