Saturday, April 04, 2009

Suzi is AWESOME.

Tonight I took about 15 short little videos, a few of which will make it on here over the next couple of days, of some of the cool things Suzi has learned to do lately.

This week she has learned to do patty cake all by herself. I sing and she pats it, rolls it, and marks it with a b by wiggling the tips of her fingers together. It is SO freaking cute! I was telling my sister Micki about it tonight and told her that I was pretty sure the other two didn't do the motions by themselves until they were much older, and she told me that nah, we just couldn't remember. That could very well be true, but Chris and I prefer to think Suzi is a genius instead.

For instance, she also pretends to be a monster. She growls at us and then lunges and attacks. CUTE, CUTE, CUTE! About a week ago, she started pushing one of her toys around the house, turning it into a pseudo walker, then she did the same to the little trashcan in the living room last night, walking it from the living room, through the dining room, and into the kitchen.

When she gets ready to do something she's not supposed to, like pulling the cord to my cool new mini laptop out of the wall, or tilting her plate over at dinner, she looks at me out of the corner of her eye and slowly reaches to do whatever naughtiness she has planned. If I foil her, watch out - the smacking and screaming begins. Her, not me, I swear.

Her sense of humor is really developing quickly too. Izzy started making jokes at almost exactly this same age - his first was to take a stuffed toy bottle and pretend to drink from it, then he caught my eye and started laughing wildly. Suzi will do the same thing, doing whatever it is she finds funny, then making sure to get my attention before cracking up. I'm so lucky to have such funny kids, seriously.

I told Micki tonight about how smart I think Suzi is, and she told me that nope, the other two were just stupid. Don't worry, she was joking! Mostly. I choose to think instead that because they were both such laid back little babies that they didn't feel the need to hurry up on reaching their milestones. And they didn't hurry either - Sophie didn't walk until right after she turned 14 months, and Izzy was nearly 15 months old.

Little miss Suzi however, is not a laid back child at all. She's determined, willful, headstrong and AWESOME. Genius or not, I wouldn't have her any other way.

Still think she's a genius, though. *sticks fingers in ears to block the naysayers*

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Mcnoodle said...

I DO NOT think the other two are stupid! I think all of them are little genius! Oh and where is the post about your adventure in hair cutting? And how you called me begging me to come and save the dogs? How about some picture of that?!?!?