Sunday, May 03, 2009

Remember how I said Sophie was insane? Here's one of the million reasons why:

So we're sitting eating breakfast this morning (We are being wild and crazy today and we're veering from Biscuit Sunday, and had Texas toast sandwiches from Hardees instead. But only because yesterday we had a hankering for biscuits, so Chris went a day early. When he took his order, the lady at the window said, "See you tomorrow, honey." Ouch.) and Sophie runs to the bathroom.

When she runs back (she always, always runs or dances or jumps) she sat down beside me very seriously and said, "Mommy, when I was peeing, I started singing this song, [sings] "E O E I P E B Q P R E O P Key E O D M O P Key O Eh."

We all started laughing, so she did too, and she said, "My grandma taught that to me!"

Here's a side note - she has several imaginary grandmas, and they are responsible for most of her craziness.

I tell her that her grandma sure is creative, and Chris said, "I think your grandma sounds like a demented four year old child."

Sophie just laughs and runs back around the table to resume eating her breakfast.

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