Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Nooniemeister!!!

Today, Isaac, you turn six years old. I am amazed that it's been that long already, because time is flying. Yes, because I'm having a BLAST.

You are such an awesome little guy. Well, not little, of course. You're 53" or 54" tall, and you weigh 90 pounds. That puts you at about 140% on the growth charts. I'm glad you're such a big guy, and I know that some day, you'll be really glad too, but right now it's a little sad to see you not able to do things that normal six years old do. Like this weekend, at your cousin KalLee's birthday party, you went up to your Aunt Teresa and asked her if you were too big to get in the bouncy house, would you break it? She told you to get in there and have fun and if it broke, she'd just buy another one.

That's an example of the kind of kid you are, though. You are so sweet and thoughtful, that you cause your father and I to tell each other often that we might not be doing a lot of things right, but we're doing a great job of raising a nice little boy. I'm not sure how much of the credit we deserve for that, though, because I think you are just a genuinely nice person.

Yesterday, for example, we were all working on moving ugly brick border around the house, and moving the natural rocks to the front. It was really hard, really heavy work, and you worked right by mine and Mimi's side, never stopping and never complaining. When Mimi and I decided that we'd had enough, that it was time to get in the pool, we had to drag you away from unloading stones. You said, "Mom, since you carried up all of those heavy stones, I think I should be the one to unload them."

Also yesterday, there were two blueberries left at lunch and I told you that you could have them. You picked them up and Noah asked for one, so you gave it to him, then Sophie asked for the other, so you gave it to her too. You are the kind of person naturally that the rest of us strive to become.

You are a joy to me and your father - and to your whole family. You are so funny, and so fun to hang out with. You are such a handsome kid too, if I say so myself. Your grandmothers and I (a purely objective group if I've ever seen one) think that the goodness in your heart just radiates to your face.

You're a really good big brother too. I know I go on and on about this, but I'm just so glad that you enjoy playing with your sisters and taking care of them. From Sophie's day one till Suzi's, you have loved having a baby around to cuddle. (Sophie is in the first pic, Suzi in the second.)

Speaking of cuddling, you are still the world's best snuggle bunny, and you still request a rock-a-bye at bedtime. This time last year, I'm sure I was worrying about how much longer that would occur, but now I'm wondering if your dad and I aren't going to be like the mother in "Love You Forever." I think I have a few more years before I have to really start to worry, though.

You are my number one buddy, little man, and I love you so much that my heart is surely at risk of exploding. I hope that you have a fabulous birthday today, one worthy of such a fabulous kid, and I hope that being six years old is just as wonderful as you think it will be!!

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Maisyday said...

I can't believe how much you have grown over the years little buddy! I so wish I could be there to celebrate your birthday with you! Happy Birthday! Crystal Mae loves you SOOOOOO much!