Friday, August 28, 2009

Life with Sophie

Just now I glanced down the hall and saw Sophie bouncing towards me. She's wearing a witch's hat from her Halloween costume when she was two, she has on ladybug wings, but they're on oddly, with both of the wings laying sideways on her back like two watermelon slices, and she's carrying a foam sword.

She marches up to me and says, "I'm Beezus's mom!" I smile at her, and then she jabs me in the stomach with the sword and says menacingly, "And you have to be Beezus!"

"Beezus?" I ask her, thinking I may have heard her wrong.

"Yes," she says, jabbing me repeatedly, "You have to be Beezus!"

I ask her, "Where did you get the name Beezus from?"

She thinks for a moment, then cocks her head to the side and says definitively, "Florida!"

1 comment:

Mcnoodle said...

I LOVE THIS GIRL! I bet Lucy told her, that or Lucy's grandma.