Sunday, August 02, 2009

There is NO DOUBT that Suzi is a Daddy's girl.

Anyone who has read this blog over the past year knows that Suzi is a terrible, terrible sleeper. Anyone who knows me in any sort of way - via the internet, phone, or real life - knows that Suzi is a terrible sleeper. Even strangers can look at my exhausted face, those huge dark circles under my eyes and know that Suzi is a terrible sleeper.

When Chris called me from work Friday, he asked how Suzi had slept. I relayed to him what a horrific night it had been for both of us, and he told me that I sounded exhausted. I told him that, indeed, I was. So he suggested taking her downstairs with him for a couple of nights, to see if she just insists on nursing because I'm there.

So they have slept in the guest room for the last two nights - him in the bed, her in our old play yard. Guess who did just fine without nursing all freaking night??? Chris said she cried out three times the first night - once he just patted her butt and she went right back to sleep. The second time she cried for about 10 or 15 minutes before she settled back down, and the third time she cried for just a couple of minutes. Chris only lost a total of about a half hour of sleep that night.

So we tried it again last night. He said she woke up twice. The first time he picked her up for a couple of minutes, then patted her butt and she went right back to sleep, and the second time he just patted her butt. He lost, he said, five to ten minutes of sleep. And they both slept until 10:15. Unbelievable.

I have consistently lost a minimum of three hours of sleep EVERY SINGLE NIGHT for the last thirteen and a half months. For the last week that has included two solid hours of screaming if I dared to lay her back down.


I told Chris that I can't help but hate both of them just a little bit right now.

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