Saturday, October 10, 2009

I'm pretty sure that even cows get more respect than this.

Something that I may not have mentioned on here is that Suzi is nearly weaned. I took away one nursing session at a time in hopes that she would start sleeping better and it worked fabulously! She usually gets up only once a night now, and then she's very easy to get back to sleep. She even sleeps through the night sometimes.

But I'm letting her take the lead on the last nursing session, which is at bedtime. We've been doing this for a month or two now, and the sessions keep getting shorter and shorter as my supply dwindles. Three or four minutes a side and she's off to bed. The plan, which seems to be working well so far, it that she'll nurse less and less and my supply will lessen accordingly, and we'll both stop around the same time.

She very rarely indicates that she wants to nurse any other time of the day now, but when we get her ready for bed, she knows it's time to nurse and she signs "more, more" furiously, tugging at my shirt until I sit down and nurse her. If she asks at any other time during the day, I gently tell her no and get her a cup of milk.

So this morning I'm in the floor cleaning up her and Sophie's room, and in walks Suzi carrying a sippy cup. She stretches the cup out to me and says, "Mo, mo!" I've gotten her to tentatively say milk a couple of times recently too, so I played dumb and said, "More what?" She tries a couple more times, then she leans over to where I sit in a fairly low cut nightshirt, and quick as a flash she puts the cup under my breast and says firmly, "MO."

I got the point, and I obediently went and fetched her the cup of milk she clearly wanted. Very, very clearly.

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MaMa Norma said...

LMAO! That's one smart little girl.