Friday, October 30, 2009

Oink. Oink. Oink.

So all five of us have been hit by the swine flu. Yippee!!! It SUCKS. Luckily, it seems that my case is way less severe than the others, so I'm still able to take care of everyone. It's been a looonnnnggg week.

We're all doing a lot of sitting around watching TV and moaning. In between moans, Sophie and I were flipping through one of the million toy catalogs that have landed here recently, and she kept pointing to every single toy and saying, "I want that! I want that!"

"Don't be so greedy," I told her. "How about saying instead what things you want to buy for others?"

Without missing a beat, she pointed to a toy and said, "I want to buy that for myself!"

She seems to have been hit the hardest. She was fine when she went to school, but I got a call from the teacher because Sophie had yelled at her and at the gym teacher. "Uh oh," I told her, "It sounds like she's getting sick." Her teacher told me that she'd coughed a lot, but didn't seem sick, but by the time she got home, her temp was nearly 100. (It was normal this morning.) She instantly got her dose of tamiflu, but she just kept getting worse and worse all day long, poor little thing. She got to coughing so hard after her breathing treatments that she threw up in her bedroom and the hallway. She seems to have settled down a little now though.

About a half hour after Izzy went to bed, he threw up as he ran to the bathroom, but luckily, it was all confined to the bathroom - we praised him mightily for that!! He said his stomach wasn't hurting, it was also just from the coughing. He became sick last Sunday, but he tested negative for the swine flu Tuesday and the doctor said we could go ahead and send him Wednesday. When he got off the bus Wednesday afternoon, however, he looked terrible and his fever was back to 102. I can't imagine why no one at the school noticed he was so sick and called me to pick him up. Poor kid.

In the night Wednesday, Suzi's fever went up to 103.3, so it was back to the pediatrician Thursday and she tested positive for H1N1, so he said Izzy's result must have been a false negative. He gave Suzi tamiflu, but Izzy had not only been sick too long at that point, but the doctor said they were only giving it to kids under two or kids with underlying issues, like Sophie's asthma. Meanwhile, Chris was at home sick as dog too. He went to the doctor and got some tamiflu as well.

So far I've only been hit with the crud and pain in my chest, causing a lot of deep coughs, and then body aches and head aches, but no fever. Fingers crossed that it's all uphill from here on out.

Here's to a healthier tomorrow!

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