Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tiny Terror

Suzi is the smallest of my children at this age (she'll be 18 months old on Dec. 22), but she is, by far, the most crafty 18 month old I've ever encountered. And by crafty, I don't mean that she can color and paste better than me, although that is most assuredly true as well, but rather that she continually finds new and more interesting ways to get into mischief than my other two did, combined.

For instance, just a few minutes ago she dragged a dining room chair into the kitchen and across the room, where she climbed up on it to reach the snack basket. She snagged a bag of dates and started carrying them around, but she wasn't able to get them open, so back to the kitchen she went, where she opened the silverware drawer, far above her head, and put her hand in to exactly where the kid silverware is kept, and grabbed herself a fork.

Back to the bag she went, where she diligently worked away at trying to pry the bag open with her fork. I watched for a few minutes but when she wasn't able to get it open, I told her to bring it to me and I'd open it for her. She brings me both the bag and fork, and insisted I take both, but when I poured her a few out on the table, she was most annoyed with me that I didn't hand her the open bag instead.

Helping this one to grow up is either gone to make me smarter simply by trying to stay a half step in front of her, or it's going to kill me. If she doesn't start sleeping better soon, I'd put my money on the latter. But at least I'll go with a smile on my face, even if it's a very, very tired one.

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