Sunday, January 10, 2010

The power of words.

Suzi has made a few two-word combinations before, but she's not used them consistently, and they've mostly been things like "No, mama," or "No, mine," and of course the "Love you," that my mother-in-law thought she heard. (Okay, I thought the same thing before too.) Last night, she even very clearly said, "More book, more book," when she brought me a book to read to her.
But then this morning, she runs up to me with a little bouncy ball in her hand. It's one of the smaller ones, about an inch in diameter, that could still be a choking hazard so I reached out and took it from her. She was ticked: "No, no mama! Mine, Mine! No! That ball mine, mama!"

A four word sentence! She's awesome. And she got the ball back. For a little while at least. As I handed it back to her, I told her to NOT put it in her mouth, then I said, "Okay?" Very solemnly, she shook her head yes. I trusted her because SHE STRUNG FOUR WORDS TOGETHER!!

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MaMa Norma said...

Did you hear her talk to mama on the phone last night? She did great. I understood every word!