Friday, February 19, 2010

I worry about this girl.

Sophie came and asked me for a snack a few minutes ago. Generally, I just give her some fruit, but due to our recent hibernation, I'm mostly out of fruit, so I told her she could just grab whatever she wants out of the snack basket.
She comes back in here with a package of crackers and the light is hitting her big green eyes perfectly, so I take her picture and open her crackers. I tell her how pretty I think she is, and she gives me a big hug, looks up at me and asks, "Are those mushroom cookies?"

I look at her like the nut that she is, and I say, "No, crazy, those are cheese crackers."

"But I don't like mushrooms!," she wails.

"Fine, those aren't mushroom crackers!"

She laughs and picks up the crackers and takes a sniff. "But why do they smell like mushrooms??"

She starts hanging off the chair, waving the upper part of her body in her classic woe-is-me theatrics and I tell her again that they are NOT mushroom and I flip the package over to show her the word 'cheddar' on the package. Doesn't matter, she's sure they're mushroom flavored.

What they ARE is smoked cheddar flavor. Which, to a lunatic four year old who loves truffled goat cheese, but disdains 'mushrooms,' are much the same.

Grilled cheese flavor, however, is acceptable.

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