Monday, March 01, 2010

One week, three teeth.

When Izzy came home from school on Wednesday, he had a sandwich baggie pinned to his homework, holding a tooth. He had a loose tooth that we didn't know about, that he asked his teacher to pull for him. She pulled his very first tooth that he lost, last year. Apparently, she likes pulling teeth, and since I can't seem to work up the nerve, yay for teachers!!!

So he put it under his pillow and the tooth fairy brought him $1. Then we realize the next day that one of his top front teeth is super loose too. He puts off pulling it for a day or two, hoping that either Micki will be here or we'll forget about it until there's school again. (Thursday and Friday were both snow days.) But his gum above it started looking weird and bruised, so we talked him into letting Chris pull it. This time he leaves a note for the tooth fairy, "Dear Tooth Fairy, Thank you, but I just want a tooth brush." After some late night scurrying on snowy roads, the tooth fairy brought him a toothbrush...and, because the tooth fairy is a sucker for a sweet request, another dollar.

Then Sunday he tells me that his gum is hurting where the tooth was pulled, so I look and realize that the other front tooth is half hanging and looking freaky, so it's got to go too. I tell him that he's going to wear the tooth fairy out, losing all these teeth in a row, and she might decide not to bring him any more money. He pulls out his paper and a pen and writes another note to the tooth fairy, after I convince him that she wouldn't want him to give her a dollar: "Dear Tooth Fairy, Thank you for giving me more. Here's a gift for you: xoxoxoxox Sign, Isaac."

He got a note back this time, "Dear Isaac, Thank you!! But where was the tooth? Tomorrow? Love, Tooth Fairy." Seems that when he was putting the tooth under his pillow, it fell out of the little tooth pillow and she couldn't find it. But I found it today, so we'll be sending it back to her tonight.

Now all I have to do is hope that it doesn't seem weird to anyone at school that after 18 snow days, Izzy ends up missing three teeth. *gulp*

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