Thursday, April 15, 2010

Day Three: Colonial Williamsburg

As it ends up, Chris and I were right when we said to each other seven years ago, "Why in the world do people bring small kids to Colonial Williamsburg? They're not going to enjoy it!" Still, there were a few good moments:

Suzi blocking the bright sunlight from her eyes. It was a beautiful day, but it started off so much colder than had been predicted (we only brought jackets for the kids), that Chris and I bought shirts in the gift shop. Those are now the two most expensive pieces of clothing we own.

Izzy showing Lilly a little caterpillar he'd caught.

I love Chris's expression here - this was taken by Sophie.
He doesn't smile like that when I'm behind the camera.

From L-R: Chris's dad's body, Becky, Chris's brother Mike holding a sleeping Suzi, Lilly, Judy, and Izzy.

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