Thursday, October 21, 2010

Proof positive that Sophie was meant to be a blonde.

I lay out the kids' clothes the night before, so that Chris can get them up and they can get dressed while I'm in the shower.  Yesterday, I get done and come out of the bathroom to see Sophie standing in my bedroom mostly dressed with her socks laying on the bed.  She's put on her zip-up jean skirt, with shorts attached underneath, terribly crooked, so I take it all the way off her and hold it up for her to step into the shorts holes properly.  This is a very important point in this story, as you'll soon see.  Then I zip her up and tell her to get her shoes and socks on. 

I wander off, getting things together and whatnot and she comes through barefooted.  I yell at her to get her shoes and socks on already, it's time to go.  She tells me she can't find them anywhere.  She, Izzy and I tear the house apart looking for them, because they're knee socks that matched her shirt, and would look so terribly cute.  Can't find them, it's time for the bus, so I tell her to just grab any socks and let's go. 

We just make it to the bus stop in time, and she heads off to school wearing green striped socks with her red and blue shirt and jean skirt.  Whatever.  A different morning, I might have thought that looked quirky and cute. 

When she gets home from school and she's sitting at the table to do her homework and emptying out her book bag, she holds up her socks, still folded together in a ball, with the last few inches dangling out (remember, these are knee socks).  She waves them at me and says, "Hey mom, look what I found today while I was at school!"

Confused, I ask her, "Were they in your backpack?"  See, my thinking was that the baby had grabbed them and stowed them away while we weren't looking.

"Nope," she says cheerfully, "They were right here, in my skirt, the whole time."  Then she PULLS OUT HER WAISTBAND and tucks them inside. 

That's right.  My daughter picked her socks up off the bed, shoved them between her belly and the waistband of her jean skirt, and FORGETS THEY ARE THERE.  KNEE SOCKS!!!

I must say, though, that she smiled like a trooper when Izzy and I burst out laughing and told her that was the goofiest thing we'd ever heard of.  

Then again, she might just not have known what we were laughing about.  *sigh*

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