Monday, April 25, 2011

A shout out to my dad!!!

As we were walking up the hill from the bus stop today, one of our wonderful neighbors stopped me and another mom and gave us Easter gift bags for all of our kids.  I thanked her, then told the kids that they could look in them once their homework was done.

We played at the park at the bottom of our hill for a while, then we  moseyed up the hill and took down our Easter decorations from the yard and made our way into the dining room, where the kids always do their homework. 

Sophie doesn't have nearly as much as Isaac, of course, so she finishes quickly and runs off to the living room to play with Suzi.  I get their Easter bags out and as I'm setting them on the table, I smell a terrible smell.  I lean over the bags and sniff in horror, but, of course, our lovely neighbors didn't send anything stinky to the kids.  Although I think that would be pretty darn funny. 

Anyways, I look under the table and there sits D-dog, who's happily setting free some mighty stink bombs. 

"SHEESH, Deltie, that's disgusting!  What the crap is wrong with you??" I yell at the poor old stinky dog. 

Izzy says, "Maybe it's her diabetes."

"No," I tell him, "She doesn't have diabetes."

"What's wrong with her then?," he asks.

"Nothing, she just likes to toot a lot," I say.

"Oh," he replies knowingly, "She's getting to be like your dad then, isn't she?"

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