Thursday, May 05, 2011

Breakfast with Suzi

Suzi eats her breakfast with her siblings before they go to school, then we come back from the bus stop, and I eat my breakfast.  This morning, we both had shredded wheat.

As I ate my cereal, Suzi was playing on her sister's toy lap top, then she suddenly stops and says, "Mommy, I hungy.  I hungy real bad."

"No you're not," I tell her grouchily, "You've already eaten."

"I need want more!" she yells plaintively, then adds for emphasis, "I NEED WANT MORE!"

"Fine," I say, "What do you want?"

She cocks her head to the side and contemplates, adding, "Hmmm" most appropriately, then she says decisively, "Chips!"

"No," I tell her, "You're not getting chips for breakfast."

"But I hungy real bad!" she screams.  And cries.  And throws herself to the ground.

I step over her and take my bowl to the sink. She gets up and follows me and opens the fridge.

"How about a yogurt?" I ask, reaching her a vanilla drinkable yogurt.

"No," she tells me, "One with fruit."

I hand her a strawberry yogurt, but she reaches in and grabs peach instead. 

And I chug back the vanilla with a sigh.

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