Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Master Lego Car Designer

Isaac built this Lego car and brought it to me so excited, asking, "Can we put it on Facebook??" That, dear readers, is why I'm so lax lately about posting on here. Facebook is making me lazy.  So I decided to post this here too because you know why? I think this car is AWESOME. Oh, and yes, Sophie is deranged, thanks for noticing.

One of my friends on Facebook asked how it was supported, so I took this picture, but I forgot to post it over there. So now you all are the first to get to see this ingenious support system!

A full thirteen inches and three centimeters (yes, I know I'm combining measuring systems there, but so did Isaac, so there!) of awesomness.  Even more impressive is that he later added on about six more inches, but Suzi destroyed that truck before I got a picture of it.

Pretty cool little truck made by a VERY cool little boy!

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